The Experience

Just came back from another fantastic WDW vacation with my family. It happened to be our 10th year going with my kids. We also had my niece and son’s girlfriend with us. This year I was able to meet up with friends who I have only known through social media. A weird concept for my family.

It is becoming more and more obvious, with every trip, that we just don’t go to WDW just to ride Haunted Mansion or Pirates or Soarin’. Don’t get me wrong, those are MUST do’s for us, but I am just as happy to taking in the sights, sounds and aromas of well…everything!

WDW is not just a place where we go, to go on rides. It’s a place that we experience the magic that is Disney. I absolutely love the tiny details. The architecture, the placement of decorations, the way the different types of concrete, brick or stone fall under my feet. The way the music changes depending on where you are. The different aromas, the cleanliness, etc.

We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge DVC in Jambo House for the first time. One night we just went down to that huge beautiful lobby and just sat. Took it all in. Talk about detail in the architecture. One night we got back late and there were about 6 AK cast members down by Boma playing a beat on the drums and dancing. They had a crowd down there and above them in the lobby smiling and mesmerized. They even grabbed a few people and showed them some steps. Everyone applauded when it was over. That was an experience.

So the next time someone goes on to you about how Walt Disney World is just a place for kids to go on kiddie rides, let them know they are missing out on so much more. They’re missing out on the experience.

That’s it for now. See ya real soon!.



3 thoughts on “The Experience

  1. You are so right! WDW is the whole experience, where rides make up less than 25%. The intricate details of architecture, scenery & imagination are among the other 75%. Food & hospitality is lightyears beyond other venues.
    The bonding experience in such a joyous atmosphere refreshes our souls.

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