10 Years

In just 90 days, yes Disney geeks always have a count down to their next trip, we will be celebrating a milestone in our little family. It’s not a major milestone, just one that really only means something to us. 2015 will be our 10th year in a row, as a family, that we have taken a WDW trip.

For whatever reason, my parents had no desire to take us to WDW. My wife and I first went in 1991 then again in 1992. Fast forward to 2005. My wife had been trying to talk me into going on a WDW trip. I sort of pushed it off. But after she saw $40 airline tickets, yes I know, only $40 each one way!, and having a coworker who’s wife worked at Disney seasonally and giving us her discount, we couldn’t pass it up.

At the time, my daughter was 5 and my son was 12. We stayed at Coronado Springs Resort. That got us hooked! We have gone back every year since. Now it may not sound like a big deal but it has changed our family like nothing else has.

My daughter is now a 15 year old young lady in high school and my son, who is 22 who races dirt bikes, works with me at a flight school / corporate jet center and who is starting a new job with Jet Blue. They are both still incredibly excited about going to Disney. And as I’ve said before, we are now looking to move to Florida in 3 years to be, amongst other reasons, closer to WDW.

To say Disney has changed our lives is an understatement. For me, I’m always looking for ways to be more involved with the Disney experience. Whether that being this blog, starting FB groups, watching Disney podcasts or watching friends live stream from a Disney park. Disney has become a hugely passionate part of my life. And to see my family continue to love going, and going as a family, is just awesome.

I would never have thought 10 years ago with that first trip of taking our kids on their first WDW trip, would be such a huge spark in all of our lives. I would never have thought we’d  be going back year after year. And by the way, that’s how I got my “Box” name Disney05.

That’s it for now. See ya real soon!


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