Why I love WDW

It’s a common question I get when others know that I’ve planned another WDW vacation. And I’m sure many of you get the same question. “Why do you love WDW so much”?

Sounds like a very easy question. I mean, I know I love going to WDW. And I love all things Disney. But sometimes I do wonder to myself and ask, why do I love going so much? Why is it that I think about it every single day. Why do I have such a burning desire to go back year after year? Why do I look back at Cinderella Castle until it disappears behind Main St. when I have to leave? Are there different levels of love for the place I yearn to be at?

Maybe I’m in denial  with reality. Maybe I totally lose myself in the fantasy world of it all. And truly leave everything from the real world home. And what’s wrong with that? Isn’t that what going on vacation is for? To relax and enjoy? And it’s just…different at WDW.

Now this may be totally naive of me but when I’m at the World, I feel a sense of safety. We’re visiting this place full of dreams and fantasy. More likely than not, you’re surrounded by like minded people.  Everyone has an off day now and then. But I also think every cast member there, whether they meet you at the front desk of your resort, ring you up at the Emporium or walk around with a broom, all have your best interest in mind. I know you may be saying that it’s like that at lot’s of other place too. Maybe. But I feel it’s different at WDW. Maybe it’s my naivety again.

The deeper stuff aside. I love the music! Music is in my blood. I love the emotion and passion that the music sends out. I pay attention to the background music. I really feel the music that plays during Wishes or Illuminations. The music is everywhere. And so are the details of just about everything else. I love feeling like I’m actually in a different world. I know nothing about architecture but I love the details in the building, plants, signs and how it’s all laid out.

Not to leave out the attractions. But they truly do bring me back to being a kid. They trigger certain time frames in my mind. I can lose myself in many of the attractions. The details, the visuals, the sounds. Really kicks my imagination and creativity into high gear.

Then there’s the reasons I just can’t put into words. Can’t tell you why. It’s just a feeling. A feeling that only other Disney geeks can truly understand. I sit here and try to put it into words. How do you put something so deep and meaningful into words that you’re confident it explains how you feel. You either get it or you don’t.

That’s it for now. See ya real soon!


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