When does your trip start?

We’re all very excited about going to WDW. But when I fly into MCO, Orlando International Airport, the first attraction I come across is the monorail that takes you to the main terminal. It’s like a warm up ride until I get to the resort.

So here’s the scenario. You sit on a plane for x amount of hours. All you want to do is get down and get to your WDW resort. You land, deplane, traipse through a usual busy terminal until you get to your first WDW attraction line. Ok, so it’s really not a line you’re waiting on and it’s not really in WDW. You stand in front of those large glass windows waiting for the next monorail to arrive.

So this may not be the classic WDW attraction you always read about but to me, it’s the first attraction of my trip. It’s my warm up monorail until I get to ride the WDW monorail.  It only get’s better from there. You take this nice, peaceful ride to the main terminal where you find your way down to where the Disney Magical Express buses are. What do you look for? That’s right, the cast member with the big white Mickey hand directing you to where you have to check in. And I don’t even have to wait for my baggage. I know it’ll eventually get to my resort.

Next you wait on a short line until you get onto the bus. For me, I’m at Walt Disney World. I’m in the hands of Disney. You finally get on board this big bus with Disney characters on the side and Disney tunes quietly playing on the bus’s music system. Then the bus starts moving and the video starts playing. Mickey Mouse and all his pals showing you what to expect when you check in. Then off to my resort. It’s all Disney from there on.

So if you use your imagination and open up your mind, you can enjoy the process of getting to your resort and start your trip sooner than you think.

That’s it for now. See ya real soon!


3 thoughts on “When does your trip start?

  1. Love that warmup monorail! We’ve called it various things over the years- practice monorail, baby monorail, psuedorail…..but once you’re on it, you know you’re on your WAY!

  2. The airport monorail is also your last “theme park” ride of the trip, I know it made flying out just a little bit easier 🙂

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