Leaving the World

The planning goes on for months and months, or even for years. Planning a WDW trip takes time but it is also really fun.

We finally arrive and have a whole vacation in front of us whether it’s a few days or if you’re lucky, a couple weeks. It’s a feeling of excitement! You have many days ahead of you to explore the parks, visit other resorts and eat at a plethora of restaurants. There’s so much to see and do, it usually keeps you busy from start to finish.

But then the inevitable comes. It’s time to return home and carry on with your life. Extreme happiness often turns to sadness. It’s ok to be a little sad. You’re in the most happiest place in the world. That’s why you go. For me, we always spend our last night at the Magic Kingdom. As we start to walk out of the park, I take in every last bit I can. The sounds, the smells that last peak at Cinderella Castle just as it disappears behind the train station.

But as it’s ok to feel sad that you’re leaving, be happy at too. You just made some fantastic memories that you’ll remember for a lifetime! Maybe you’ve even made some friends. And in this age of social media, maybe you were able to meet someone who you’ve only chatted with online.

Leaving Walt Disney World, and the magic and beauty it holds for us, is hard for us to do. But remember all the things you’ve experienced. Remember all the smiles, laughs and oohs and ahhs you had. That’s what Walt Disney World gives to us as a going away gift.

That’s it for now. See ya real soon!


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