Surprising a friend at WDW

This post is being written in two parts. It’s the middle of September. It will be updated in one month after I see if my plan worked.

I love catching people off guard and surprising them with something they either wanted or needed. Or something they don’t really need but I know they’d like. This was the foundation to something I wanted to do for a Disney friend coming over from the UK visiting WDW.

Months leading up to a WDW vacation, people often announce their countdown to when they leave. It’s an on going thing that we post every so often on various pages. So all of our friends in the Disney community knows when we are going to be in the World. A lot of times comments are shared back and forth. On one of those occasions, I mentioned to one person that I’ll leave something for her to find when she arrives on her trip a couple of months after I was there.

Emma was coming to the World all the way from England. You may have read her blog, and I hope you have; that she regularly posts. You may also know her as PinkEmmaUK.  I honestly don’t remember how it all started but I had said to her that I’d leave her something in the parks in hopes that she may find it when she arrives.

Suffice it to say, I couldn’t think of anything to do. I didn’t want to deface anything on property for her to find. And I think it would have been impossible to leave something, say under a rock or behind a bush, for her in hopes that it would still be there when she arrived.

My other choice was to leave something at the resort she was staying at, which I knew which one it was. I even emailed Disney to see if it was possible to leave something behind the front desk for her. They responded with yes and directions on what to do.

That plan sort of backfired too because on my trip, I never made it to the resort she is staying at. So in the end, I decided to write up a welcome to WDW letter. I will be mailing out her letter in time for her arrival and hopefully they will remember to give it to her when she checks in. Didn’t think of what to do if she checks in online. I will have to call the front desk to see if it was given to her.

So this is a surprise. This internet thing is a strange world. We make friends who we may never get to meet in person. A unique kind of pen pal. I will be updating this blog next month when I find out if she received her letter from me.

Ok, so It’s Thursday. This happens to be my only day off of the week. I called the resort that Emma is staying at yesterday to confirm that they did indeed receive my envelope and do have it put aside for her when she checks in. I really have no way of knowing when she sees it other than her Tweeting something to me. Will wait and see.

I just got confirmation that Emma did get the letter I left for her at the desk! It’s the little things in life. Even though my original plan was to do something else, I’m glad I was able to leave this small token for her and hopefully give her a smile. That’s what it’s all about, making people happy.

This kind of leads me to something else. There is a Disney community out there where many of us may never meet in person. We connect online by various means. It’s a place where friendships are started. It really is amazing.  I can only imagine how future technology will bring us even closer.

Enjoy your stay at Walt Disney World Emma, see you in the “Box”!

That’s it for now. See ya real soon!


One thought on “Surprising a friend at WDW

  1. The magic of Disney occurs in many ways! The simple act of receiving a letter from an online friend, not via the postal system, but when you check into your Disney resort can leave you smiling from (mouse) ear to ear 🙂 Thank you so much for that first special happening on my magical vacation 🙂

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