Living vicariously through others

I spend a lot of my time on Facebook and Twitter. I follow a number of people who spend a lot of time somewhere in Walt Disney World. I read their posts and can imagine in my mind exactly where they are or what they are seeing.

It’s a curse and a blessing all at the same time. I want to so badly be at WDW all the time. And I listen and watch these people bring some Disney into my life every day. And I’m thankful for this medium we call the internet. But yes I get a little jealous. Not in a bad way mind you. But in a I know how wonderful it is there and want to be part of it way.

So I will continue to follow these terrific people who spend their time in the parks relaying to us on what’s going on in the World. I’ll look at all the pictures they want to post. And watch all the video clips they want to post. And I’ll continue to tune into their podcast’s. Living vicariously through them, will help me get through my time in between my own Walt Disney World visit.

That’s it for now. See ya real soon!


2 thoughts on “Living vicariously through others

  1. I understand completely! Being across the pond it’s even more difficult for me to get over to WDW as often as i would like so I get my fix from others, it can be both a pleasure and a pain….but we all share it together 🙂

    • Which in turn, has given us this fantastic Disney community where we can share our love of all things Disney no matter what part of the world we live in. That’s pretty awesome.

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