Back from the World

So I’ve been back from WDW for a week, and I’m not happy. Why? Because I want to go back! Coming home just reminds me of how much I miss it when I’m not there. So hard to explain to someone who’s not a Disney nut, but so it goes.

Had a great week in the World. First time for us going the first week of August, and it was hot! We knew that going. But We tolerated it very well. For the first time since we started taking our kids, we stayed off property. We decided we needed the extra room, especially since my son had a guest. We booked a 3 bedroom, 3 bath condo using AllStar Vacation Homes. What a great choice we made. We stayed at their resort in Reunion. Pool was right outside our room and our building was practically empty. We will definitely use them again. I was a bit hesitant not staying on property, afraid that not being immersed in the “magic” 24/7 would take away from the trip, but I was wrong. Wrong a little bit, I still missed it.

Had to rent a car while we were there. Haven’t drove in Disney in over 20yrs. I wasn’t to thrilled about having to drive while I was there but after missing a turn here and there in the beginning, I started to get my bearings and actually enjoyed it. It did get us to the parks quicker and parking was easy. It was also nice driving a new car for a change.

We also got to visit that “other” park. If it were up to me, I would have turned it down. But my daughter, who is a huge Harry Potter fan, was dying to see it. And I hate to admit it but the theming was incredible. The rest of the park, eh. We did keep comparing it to Disney. And there are definitely some differences. In the park itself and the people who worked there. Glad we saw it at least once, but not so sure we’d go back.

Usually our first and last day of all our Disney trips, we spend at the Magic Kingdom. This time was no different. Our last night we got to see the Main St. Electrical Parade, The Magic The Memories and You, then Wishes! What a way to cap off our last day. When leaving, I always keep looking back at the castle until it disappears behind the Emporium. That’s when I know our trip is over.

Now that we’ve been home, I get to relive our trip with the few hundred pictures I took. The memories that Disney sends us home with is priceless. We always refer to our past Disney trips. It’s something my kids will remember for a lifetime. Whether it’s a smell, food or something visual, we always seem to remember something that reminds us of Disney.

I also found out that my sister and her family want to go to Disney next year. So now we’re planning a big family trip for next year! That’s one of the ways to help you get over your last trip to the World. Got to start planning for the next one. And how can we not go back next year to see the newly expanded Fantasyland.

That’s it for now. See ya real soon!


4 thoughts on “Back from the World

  1. The trouble with a trip to WDW is that your heart aches a little bit more when you come home, but the next trip will be here before you know it 🙂
    Glad you had an awesome time, with a few new experiences too!!

  2. No matter how many trips we take, coming home never gets any easier does it? Planning the next one is the only way to ease the pain of homecoming lol! Sounds like you had an amazing time!

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