The last 30 days

Three years, two years, once a year…what ever time it takes for you to take another WDW vacation, the anticipation of what you’ll see, hear or even taste is something we all share when waiting for our next trip.

I think there are different degrees of anticipation. It’s different if your next trip isn’t for a long time. The desire to want to go is still there, but it seems so far off, it’s almost a dream. All the dreaming, investigating and planning finally comes down to but a few weeks.

As of tomorrow, I officially have 30 days left till we leave for that oh so home away from home. 30 days doesn’t sound like a long time, and it really isn’t. But now I can just taste it! I don’t want to wish my life away, but it so close but yest still far away.

If you remember, we hadn’t purchased airfare for the way down. Well as of this week, thanks to Southwest dropping there fare a bit and a big thanks to a SW pilot friend of mine, we finally got our flight down. Very excited and very relieved!

The next 30 days will be spent getting things packed, buying last minute things we may need, arranging for mail stop and taking care of our pet needs while we’re gone. I work 6 days a week so me being gone for 9 days is a big deal at the office. I don’t look forward to what I’ll have when I come back. So I’ll spend some time taking care of work stuff for the next few weeks.

People who go very often or who live in the WDW area and go weekly may not understand how tough the last 30 days are. It’s a long time but a short time all at the same time. The anticipation grows more and more every day we get closer. Close enough to feel it, far away to have to wait. But oh yes, it is getting closer and closer by the day!

That’s it for now. See ya real soon!


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