Less than 57 days to go! Love planning WDW trips. There’s so much involved. We have purchased airfare, one way so far. So we’re coming home at the end of our trip but as of yet been able to find reasonable airfare going down. One bright spot, I actually have a teeny chance of going down on a private jet! Keeping my fingers crossed but unfortunately we still have to buy airfare just in case. Pays to work at an airport. 😉

Looks like we’ve secured a rental car at MCO. It pays to do your homework and do a lot of research. And who knows, still may find a better deal in the coming 2 months.

Well it’s that time of year again when Disney raises the price on their park tickets. They went up this past Sunday.  So we purchased ours Saturday before the increase. Thank you Undercover Tourist. Since my daughter is a huge HP fan, we plan on taking one day to visit that other park. I’m feeling kind of guilty, lol.

Got my 2012 Disney planning DVD in the mail today. Wonder if there’s any change? Should be getting my personalized maps in the mail too. Like I need yet another set. But this is what we Disney obsessed do in between Disney trips. ; )

That’s it for now. See ya real soon!


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