The planning continues

So we still have 152 days left until our next Walt Disney World vacation. I love the planning that goes with going to WDW. This year will be a little different in that we are staying off property for the first time. For the first time we will be needing to rent a car. I’ve been checking on line and getting emails about specials, but I have not committed to anything yet. I do work at an airport and deal with a few rental car companies all the time so I’m hoping maybe they can help me out.

Since we’re past the 180 day mark, we have made dining reservations throughout the World. We’re staying in an All Star Vacation condo so we plan on taking advantage of the kitchen there. But there are a few places we love to eat at while there. Something new Disney has made for this year, if you cancel within 24hrs of your reservation, they will bill the credit card you left to hold the ADR $10 per guest. We have 5 going this year so we don’t want that to happen.

Airfare is another thing that often stresses us out when it comes to going to WDW. I refuse to drive so it’s worth it for me to hop on a plane for a 2hr flight. I will miss Disney’s Magical Express this year.  But this will be an adventure for us and something new. We only fly Southwest since it’s very convenient and we usually get a good deal. haven’t seen any Dings for my airport so far, so we’ll be sweating it out for a few months. Airfare takes a big chunk out of the trip. Can’t wait till we take care of that.

We usually get park tickets through an on line broker, so I’m not worried about those. Although Disney likes to raise ticket prices in August so I’m sure we’ll get them before they do that.

One other thing I am hoping to arrange, is meeting Lou Mongello during his Wednesday night newscast. We will be arriving on a Wednesday and don’t  plan on hitting a park that day so I hope he’s someplace broadcasting outside of a park. Hoping to finally escape from the Box!

That’s it for now. See ya real soon!


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