House hunting

Okay, so I think many of us have dreams and aspirations of moving to Florida. There are many reasons to do this. From getting away from horribly cold, snowy winters or leaving a place where the taxes are astronomical to wanting to be near our favorite place Walt Disney World. For me It’s all three reasons stated above. Now, we don’t have any plans set in motion yet about moving, but one of the things I love to do is house hunt online.

I live on Long Island, NY. We hoping to make the move in 5-7 years. Seems like a long time but you never know how things may turn out. When I look for houses in Florida, I can see the houses look a lot different than they do in my neighborhood. And I kind of like that. Florida homes have a certain look, in my mind anyway. I’m looking forward to having a built in pool that’s in a covered screen room. And I can’t wait to not have leaves falling in the pool or having to rake them up. We have a certain style that seems to pop out for us when searching.

Being addicted to WDW, naturally I would like to live fairly close. So that kind of dictates where I’ve been looking. There’s one particular real estate site I frequent where I search, and then able to save houses I like to my favorites on the site. Now I’m a long way off to moving to FL, but it gives me something to do and look forward to for the future.

Now if you are thinking of moving to Florida, if you haven’t heard about or read her blog already, you have to visit You’ll find some great, from the heart, honest  information about making the big move to FL. I highly recommend you follow Amy’s blog.

So house hunting is just another thing I do to keep myself busy in between WDW trips.

That’s it for now. See ya real soon!


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