There is one unmistakeable thing we all have when we come home from our last Walt Disney World trip. And that’s memories. They come in many different forms but it’s something we can always conjure up no matter where we are.

It really is amazing, Disney comes up a lot in my house. And often when I read something online and bring it up, usually around dinner time, the topic always branches off to something that we all did or experienced at our last or even past trips to the World. The stories will start flowing, remember this or remember that always comes up.

Walt Disney World promotes making memories. Even if you have spent your last penny going and don’t have a penny to spend on souvenirs, your memories is the one thing that costs absolutely nothing. They’re easy to carry. You always know they’re there. And you can go back to them any time you like. It’s like a big folder in your mind that you can keep filling up.

Many of us can’t get to WDW as often as we like. So your memories is what keeps you going. For me, memories of past trips pop’s up all the time and almost anywhere. It doesn’t matter if I’m driving in my car, working, shopping or just watching TV, it’s inevitable that something I see, smell or experience will conjure up something that I remember from WDW. And how great is that! Something that’s such a big part of my life, I can go in my own head and experience it again. Of course it’s not like being there but it’s the next best thing.

So cherish those memories. Going back to them every so often will freshen them up and keep them from disappearing. And it’s a great way of keeping WDW in your every day life until your next visit.

That’s it for now. See ya real soon!


One thought on “Memories

  1. Great post!

    Memories of our past trips to Disney World were everywhere in our house. The minute we walked through the door after our long drive, we would print dozens of our pictures and put them everywhere. (Our last trip before we moved, we took over 3,000 pictures!). I would also put as many as I could on my phone so I could refresh those memories as often as i wanted. We also would look everywhere for Park music – whether that was by purchasing the many CD’s or downloading music, or listening to the different WDW themed stations on Live 365 – we always had Disney music going in our house. I love how you mentioned smells too – my favorite ride is Soarin, and there was a shop at our local mall that sold an orange oil used in tea light burners – our house always smelled like Soarin – I loved it!

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