As they say, who doesn’t like a good book? I’m very particular when it comes to books. I generally don’t like fiction. The last fiction book I read was The Kingdom Keepers. How can I not read it? Although it’s fiction, I can relate to it because it takes place in the Magic Kingdom. I’ve yet to move on to the other Kingdom Keeper books, yet.

Like other Disney fans, I have a small library of Disney related books. Nowhere near as many as others I have seen but enough to take up some space in my book case. Pretty much every year I get a few different WDW vacation planning books. Now why do I need to get them every year? I don’t know. Not much changes. And I’ve been there enough to probably write my own. But I’ll still read through them and check out the photos. I really love books that have a lot of color photo’s of the World. I crave Disney books that have great color photo’s. The more the better. Can’t wait to see Celebrations Magazines special limited edition Christmas edition book! Seeing how we think in pictures, what better way to relive a certain attraction or area of the World than to see a beautifully staged, full color picture. Makes me can’t wait to get back there!

I’m in a very customer service oriented business. So naturally I also like to read about the customer service training that cast members go through. And how there management philosophy at Disney works. So naturally I search for those kinds of books. Books like The Disney Way, Be Our Guest or Creating Magic to name a few.

How can you go to WDW without having an interest in how the beautiful place was designed  and put together. There are many, many books out there about the imagineering of Disney. The Imagineering Field Guide to…are neat little pocket guides. Then there’s Walt Disney Imagineering a behind the dreams look at making the magic real, The Disney Mountains-Imagineering at its Peak or Designing Disney by John Hench.

There wouldn’t be any of these books out there without Walt Disney the man. So reading about him has to be a fan’s must do. Some of my favorites; Walt Disney an American Original, Walt Disney Conversations, The Vault of Walt or even The Quotable Walt Disney.

I have more in my collection not mentioned here but it’s still growing and it’s fun to get another book about Disney. I can never have enough books on Disney!

That’s it for now. See ya real soon!


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