I can’t keep writing about the things I do to get my Disney fix in between trips without mentioning WDWradio.com. Turns out, it’s a bigger part of my life than I thought.

There are loads and loads of Disney fan web sites out there. But the number one site I visit and post on fairly regularly, as Disney05, is WDWradio.com. I’ve been a member since 2005. I’m not sure how I found Lou and his site but it was one of the first sites I started visiting when the Disney bug really took over my life. I think it is one of the most family friendly, informative and interactive sites out there. The forums there continue to grow with new members every week.

The site has evolved over the last few years and so has the products that have come from it. The WDW Newscast, Celebrations magazine, blogs, book club, iPhone app, trivia books, Dream Team Project, Audio Guides, Facebook, Twitter just to name a few. Lou Mongello is the owner of the site and truly is the busiest man in Walt Disney World!

Since becoming a member of the site, I’ve inadvertently become a “Box Person”. What is a Box Person you may ask? Lou began taking his laptop with him to Disney events while broadcasting live so we can see what he’s seeing and also chatting with his fans. He had mentioned he was talking to the Box People and the phrase just stuck. Now we have a great new logo from a contest he ran recently. And you can get the  logo on shirts from Zazzle.com.


The Wednesday evening WDW Newscast has become a ritual for me. Every Wednesday at 7:30 pm, Lou broadcasts from any number of locations including his home studio, parks, resorts even a Dunkin Donuts. He starts off and ends the night with a chat with the Box People. In between, his show is recorded and can be seen on Youtube or you can watch live as he’s doing it.  He talks about any Disney news and rumors that may have happened during the past week. You can give instant feed back while he’s broadcasting.  It’s something I can’t miss every week.

One of the other things Lou has produced for us Disney fans is Celebrations magazine. This fantastic publication comes out every other month and is chocked full of some great pictures and articles about Disney.

I have never met Lou Mongello, yet. I have no affiliation with him other than being one of his devoted followers. But he does call all of us his friends. And once you start listening to his shows and chatting with him in the box, you’ll see how sincere he is when he call us his friends.

This blog is about what I do in between WDW vacations.  WDWradio.com and other Lou Mongello projects are a huge part of what keeps me involved with WDW while home. I always look forward to what he has in store for us next.

That’s it for now. See ya real soon!


3 thoughts on “WDWRADIO.COM

  1. Thank you so very much for taking the time to watch and listen each week, and for such a wonderful post! I’m happy to know that I’m able to bring even a little bit of “Disney Magic” to you and your family, and hope to have the pleasure of meeting you in person in the parks one day!

    Congrats and continuing best of luck on the blog!

  2. I LOVE Lou and WDW Radio!! He does a GREAT job sharing soo much Disney info with all of us!!

    We truly are all friends!!

    jrobbins-newscast chat

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