Mickey in my house

So it’s no secret I’m addicted to all things Disney.  But I have this…thing for Mickey Mouse. Mickey, to me and I’m sure a lot of people, represents Walt Disney. You can’t have Walt Disney World without him. I think I read once that the three circles that make up a classic Mickey head is one of the most recognizable logo’s in the world. It’s unmistakable. When you see those 3 circles, you know what it is.

My house is, for lack of a better term, littered with Mickey heads. They’re not out there in your face but very subtle. My wife wouldn’t have it any other way. She gives in to my obsession to a certain extent so you’re not going to see giant Mickey heads all over the house. My den has a little more leeway. We do have a Mickey Mouse front door mat but after that you have to look.

When you walk in the front door, if you’re actively looking for Mickey heads, you may not even see them. You will see a bunch of framed photo’s on the walls. Closer inspection show’s most of the pictures are of our various Disney World vacations. And closer inspection reveals some of the picture frames have tiny little Mickey heads engraved in the corners. Something we always look for while at the World, new picture frames. Some of them have Mickey and the gang in the mattes within the frame. We also have a large mirror right by the front door that has cut out Mickey heads on it.

Our kitchen is the same way. Just little bits of Mickey here and there. You have the Mickey head napkin holder and the Mickey salt and pepper shakers. And the three tier silver metal fruit holder tipped with a Mickey head that sits in the middle of our table. We also have a chalk board where It’s inevitable I draw a Mickey head. And where it’s inevitable my daughter erases it. It’s a game we play. I draw she erases. Go over to the fridge to find some magnets of Mickey and Disney.

My den is a different story. Mickey everywhere. It’s not like we’re over run with Mickey Mouse but they’re not hidden. Being a pilot, I have a Disney Studios Air races poster. A large Mickey’s Greatest Moments hangs right above the computer. Which gets some light by the stained glass lamp with black Mickey heads all around it, on the desk. We have some WDW trip pictures framed and a picture of Cinderella Castle with all the Disney characters all around. Couple throw blankets with Mickey are tossed on the couch. And a  bunch of Disney books on the shelf. On top of our entertainment center sits a 12″ high Mickey statue.  And a large black Mickey head framed mirror hangs over the fireplace. There’s also a mantle clock with a little silver Mickey head centered on it.

Here’s just a few shots of the den.


So there you have it. A little bit of Mickey surrounds me every day in little ways. Just our way of keeping Disney always around.

That’s it for now. See ya real soon!


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