Even though this blog is supposed to be about what to do in between your WDW trips, this is something I just had to address. If I had a nickel for every time someone had a comment about me going to Disney…again, I’d be rich.

Disney is just not for everyone, I get it. But do some people really have to make a comment about me going to Disney every year? Now, I know someone who goes down to Aruba every year…for over 30 years! Not once have I heard anyone comment about him going there. And he stays in the same hotel each year. So why WDW?  What is it about Disney that some people think you can’t visit year after year? They make it sound like I’m going to some plain, boring been there done that just for little kids location. Well good for them. For those who think it’s just a place with kiddie rides, they are just so misinformed and missing the boat. Personally I’d rather go to WDW every year instead of going to a place where you can’t leave the resort in fear of getting mugged.

Now what I find the most funny is, some of these people who have made comments in the past about my next trip are also the ones who ask for my advise when they decide to go. It’s like some people who live near an airport and complain about the noise. They can’t stand the airport but when it’s time for them to have to fly out, they love the convenience of living near an airport. Not that I’m some WDW expert, but I’ve been there enough to know a few of the ins and outs to having a good trip. And anything I don’t know off hand, I know where to find the answer. It’s kind of funny, when they ask me for suggestions or looking for answers to a question, they first ask me ” you go to Disney a lot right”? Like they can’t tell by my Mickey Mouse tie or Mickey watch or the pictures of past trips hanging on my office wall. Or maybe it’s the classic 3 circle Mickey head’s I always seem to doodle on any scrap of paper I find. But boy they keep coming back asking me what I think about this or that while they’re doing their planning. But I don’t really mind.

Bottom line, stop asking me if I’m going to WDW again. No I don’t ever get tired of going. Yes I still look forward to it each time. Yes there are new things I see or discover on ever trip. Yes I’m gong again. It’s my happy place. I feel safe there. I love the “magic” it all represents. If that’s the only thing people can rag on me about, I guess that’s ok.

That’s it for now. See ya real soon!


4 thoughts on “Disney…again?

  1. An assumption that sometimes goes along with their comment is that you go for the theme park rides. My husband and I love to explore the resorts just as much as we enjoy going inside the parks.

  2. This happens to me at work constantly. I’ve stopped telling people I’m going so I can avoid weird conversations with those that don’t get it. It sucks, right? I’m sure they have their favorite hobbies that we don’t get either but we are supportive and don’t make fun or look down our nose at them. I guess I just find comfort in those who enjoy this Disney-fied quality in me, or share it. No matter how rare finding those people is. (Although in the Disney community, there are tons so thank heavens for that!) Thanks for the piece! Really enjoying your blog!

  3. I agree with everyone here – I have had so many people comment negatively about our Disney vacations that I have lost count. My families comments are the ones that would bother me the most. Thankfully my wife convinced my parents to take a few days of thier Florida vacation at the beach to join us at Disney World. Surprisingly, they agreed – and even stayed at a Disney resort with us!

    Now, my Dad said he was not a fan of the crowds – but he now understood why we love it so much. He is a parade junky – and fell in love with Spectomagic. My mom also surprisingly loved Disney, and comes down to visit us now whenever she can.

    (You think people give you odd looks when you say your going on another Disney vacation, tell them your moving to Florida to be near Walt Disney World – those looks are in a whole new category!)

    Anyway – I agree that it is confusing why people seem to single out Disney for the ‘eye roll’ when you mention a vacation, and not other places. But, that is ok – more of the parks for us!

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