The internet

What would I do without it. I think I’m addicted. The internet has opened up so much for everyone. Being an information junky, I love  being able to search things on the internet. I’m not saying everything is 100% accurate but with some common sense I’ll survive.

Disney. Just love everything about it. The word, the font it’s usually written with, the vision it conjures up, the memories of Sunday nights watching The Wonderful World of Disney.  Now, thanks to the internet, I have so much Disney at  my finger tips I can devote hours of staring at my computer screen.

Where do I even begin? I have a few Disney fan sites I regularly go to. But I really only post on two WDWMagic and my favorite WDWRadio. There’s a feeling of friendship, of unity and a comfort being able to read and post on these sites. There are so many of us out there. I’ve become a huge fan and follower of Lou Mongello of With his web site, web cast, magazine, Facebook and Twitter posts  and being one of his “Box” people, he is a pure product of the internet.  I can’t thank him enough for keeping everything he does exciting and interactive for his die hard followers.

I love Disney music. I love the old stuff, the new stuff, the hard to find stuff, and park music. I can log onto any number of web sites and listen to hours and hours of streaming Disney music. Many times I’ll just have Disney music playing in the back ground while I’m on the computer. Or even if I’m sitting in my back yard, I’ll turn the speakers up and listen away. And if I want, I can log onto Youtube and see video to go along with the music.

There are a number of fantastic amateur and professional photographers on the web. A lot of them post in forums I visit. What better way to stay attached to Disney then by viewing some awesome pictures of your favorite park. I love seeing how some of these photographers catch a certain light or angle of a particular subject. And I can imagine standing right there with them.

Blogging. What better way to finish this up with. Everyone has an opinion. And a great way of expressing how you feel about Disney is to write about it. Even for amateur writers like myself, it’s a way to tell the world how you feel. I read a few bloggers. But one of my favorites, and my inspiration to attempt this, is The Relocated Tourist. Amy has been writing this for a while and I can tell you, you really feel what she is saying. I can only hope she continues her fantastic and informative blog for a long time.

That’s it for now. Not saying my writing skills are great, but I want to try to keep this going. See ya real soon!


3 thoughts on “The internet

  1. I know what you mean. We’re trying to learn more about how to improve the appearance as well. However, yours is easy to read and I feel relaxed when I open it up. That’s a good thing.

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